At Liquid Shield Inc we believe that Producers are Artists Too.  From artist music, movie scores background music, producers can set the tone, create the environment or take you on a journey aurally.  We will bring you an alternate side that most audiences don not ever get a up close and personal look into.

Them Unknown Radio 


Them Unknown Radio is an out of this world electronic hybrid music show featuring a range of styles in the realms of Furian, TAWk, Drunkart, Experimental, Downtempo, Chillout, Trip Hop, Dubstep, Trap, Drum and Bass, Chillstep, Chillhop, Vaporwave and Mashup. Landing every Saturday 2-4pm (EST US)  with a rotating Guest/Selectors every week including Fury HD, Line Noise & The Brass king

Face Off Competition Photos

Originally introduced to Miami in 2003 The Liquid Shield BeatMaker Competition a/k/a “The Face Off” is special in that the producers / beat makers don’t battle with a CD of tracks. (Thats too easy, plus anyone can go up to the stage with their boys cd and compete.) In this competition the producers/beat makers bring their machines to the battle and play the beats hot off the machine, laptop or whatever they used to make it. There are 3 rounds that test the producer/beat makers on style, creativity, remixes as well as building a beat from scratch on the spot. The two producers who make it to the final go head to head in a beat for beat sound clash.  We just recently started a new competition series and we secured notable music production shopping company “Dynamic Producer” to sponsor the 1st place winner with a prize of 10 beat submissions to their company A&R’s  for further opportunities through their shopping network.