Photo Mar 30, 1 04 49 PMGilda Chang  Co-Founder of Liquid Shield Ent

 As an entrepreneur I’ve developed business models, acquired the human and other required resources, and am fully responsible for there success or failure.


GirlSheight is a strong aggressive female brand which provides voice and visuals media to individuals seeking control over self-movement, expression to measure a set of skills to motivate, stimulate and control environments that one is a part of. Girl Sheight’s Brand will marry two individual products upon concept to create a brand movement that empowers a specific type of female. This brand is designed to cleverly allow a specific female the power to be playful, confident and brass.


TICKET HOME This program is a non-for-profit foundation designed specifically for colleges and universities. One key-way we do this is by working directly with athletic & registration departments. Our organization is set up and we run the program free of charge for the students. This means we will fully host the programs without any cost to the colleges or students.