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DJ Seizure Destiny Brown

DJ Seizure Miami’s Finest DJ has surpassed his levels in the DJ game. Starting back in high school DJ Seizure discovered his love for music. “It all started when I moved to Broward and started throwing crazy house parties,” said Seizure. In, 2000, Seizure got his first DJ set and since then he could not let go of the turntables. His first impression towards the public was at a house party, where he realized how much the audience reacted to his talents. Subsequent to that, Seizure moved to Orlando, FL to pursue his passion for music at Full Sail University to study Recording Arts and Entertainment Business. Graduating in 2007 with a Bachelors Seizure moved back to Broward. Continuing his pursuit as a DJ he went on to spin at many different clubs and events throughout South Florida such as Club Space, Mekka, Mansion, Arkadia Poolside, Off the Hookah Bayside, etc. DJ Seizure began creating his buzz from Miami to West Palm Beach and gaining attention from some of the top coalitions. Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes acquired DJ Seizure to become apart of their team as an official Coast 2 Coast DJ, mixing some of their own mixtapes from their series, “Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes.” Later on Seizure became one of their resident Coast 2 Coast Miami Show DJs spinning atmost of their events in Miami. From them Seizure met Bigga Rankin. In 2012 Bigga Rankin and the Cool Running DJ’s Nominated and Awarded Seizure the 2012 Diamond Awards Club DJ OTY. 2 Years later the Bigga Rankin acquired Seizure to become an official Cool Running DJ. Soon after DJ Seizure was signed to Huge Music co-founded by Hugo Diaz of the Diaz Bros (Grammy Nominated Producer Pitbull, G-Unit, MMG). In 2014 DJ Seizure won the 2014 Diamond Awards Most Improved DJ OTY. You can now find DJ Seizure spinning at different venues in Miami and Broward.



DJ Ference is best recognized for his ability to pump up any crowd with various genres of music, including House,80’s, Funk, Hip-Hop, Rock, Latin and others. As a former DJ for “Team Pitbull” DJ Ference has developed his chops amongsome of Miami’s finest including working on Mixtapes with Flo Rida. Recently teaming up with Liquid Shield will play an important part in his continuing rise to prominence.

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DJ Diggem Down 5 ClearDj Diggem Down Is One Of The Hottest Djs From Miami.  Locking Down The Whole South Of Florida Dj Diggem Down Is One Of The Most Powerful Core Djs To Date. The Latest Project By Dj Digg’em Down  “King Of The South 2” Featuring Trick Daddy, Piccalo, Bad Guy, J Arr, Mike Smiff, Caos Of Grind Mode, Smiles Official, Dj Smooth, Hustle Holics, Fishstixx, Dj Hole Up, Stunna Bob, Busta Free, Raw T.O.G, Gutt Tay Boy, Alyric, Dj Ryhmer & More Reppin Exit 1 Florida City The Whole Down South Is Now Available Online Follow Now! Twitter / IG / @Djdiggemdown Facebook Diggem Down.


DJ Xander is the youngest of the Liquid Shield DJ’s, being only 16 years old. He began DJing at just 13 years old and has quickly expanded his audience within the last few years spinning at different venues from high school pep-rallies to Club Therapy Miami. Despite his young age, DJ Xander has developed an admirable ambition to progress as an entertainer. His passion for music and energetic personality never fails to get a crowd pumped up. Stay tuned for new projects released by DJ Xander in 2015.

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DJ Squady is an ATL based DJ with origins from the islands of Jamaica. He began DJ’ing at 13 years old, and hasperformed on a professional level for the last decade. Squady has performed in venues like Taboo 2, Club 426, Cream Ultra Lounge, Sutra Lounge, and Club Pisces. He specializes in International music, and can always pump up diverse crowds whether it’s a Reggae, Hip Hop, or Latino audience!

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_OYO4951DJ Vendetta was born into a family of musicians Dj Vendetta attributes this environment as the foundation that fueled his passion for music at an early age. In 2009 DJ Vendetta fully realized that through the manipulation of turntables he was effortlessly able to influence crowds of people. This ability stimulated his audiences so much that he began performing in venues all throughout the city of Miami. Venues such as Club Space, The Stage, Mekka Miami, Jazid were and are where he holds DJ court. One of his greatest aspirations is to be able to contribute in a meaningful and positive way to the Miami Community through his music. His hard work, dedication, and grind is all for the greater goal of leaving behind a legacy that in his name will make him one of the most devoted DJ’s to the city of Miami.

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