The company you keep says a lot about you and we have created relationships that not only speak to the services we provide but also to the benefit that our supporters can enjoy.  Welcome to some of our meaningful corporate associations.


Universe Network Television is an evolving and growing internet television and radio network. It broadcast to a global audience, a variety of programming including, but not limited to music, entertainment, lifestyle, culture, information, news, sports, fashion, events, etc. Liken it to MTV in it’s early days.

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Public Wizard, Inc is an interactive PR+Marketing agency. Our mission is to connect our clients with people, places, and ideas through innovative campaign strategies. We assist our clients in interacting with new consumer groups across the U.S. and worldwide through the Internet. We help our clients generate superior ROI by providing knowledge of customers, competitors and markets that aids in the design and execution of more powerful sales and marketing strategies. Our guiding principle is to both simplify marketing and amplify customer relationships through technology innovation and results oriented solutions. Headquartered in Miami, with a regional presence throughout the U.S., the Public Wizard team produces dozens of campaigns per year.



The hip-hop activist known as DJ EFN has been widely acknowledged as “Miami’s mixtape king” for the last ten years and more.  And while he’s certainly earned that title, a comprehensive appreciation of EFN’s work as a hip-hop entrepreneur might persuade you that it makes more sense to consider him as “Miami’s answer to Russell Simmons.”   E is now marking his 20th anniversary in the game, a career that’s seen him distinguish himself as a club and radio deejay, street promoter, artist manager, label executive, record producer, record pool founder, fashion retailer, and film producer.


The first concrete evidence of knowledgeable soap making is found in ancient Rome. The ruins at Pompeii revealed a soap factory with finished bars. It must be noted that although the Romans are famous for their public baths during this time, the soap was too harsh for the skin. Thus, soap was used only for clothing.To clean the body the Greeks and Romans would rub the body with olive oil and sand. A scraper, called a strigil, was then used to scrap off the mixture, removing dirt, grease, and dead cells from the skin leaving it clean. Afterwards the skin was rubbed down with salves prepared from herbs. Here at Tree Hugging Soap, we combine the practices of the old ways with an infusion of herbs and essential oils. We use only the basics, combining moisturizers naturally occurring in nature. We add essential oils to our soap which have countless benefits such as healing dry skin, rashes and psoriasis, as well as helping with depression and insomnia. If you are looking for extra exfoliation, some of our bars contain stimulating salts, sugars, oats, and herbs that will leave your skin feeling soft and renewed. We think it’s important to provide you with a natural, safe and cruelty free product. We believe our bodies and the environment should be protected for the benefit of ourselves and future generations to come.


   Our Company cares a lot about others, that have talents etc: ONE way we help others is: Mix, Edit and Master, Shoot Videos, Photo Shoot,  so you can have the top quality that you need and feel really good and Confidence to shop your CD/DVD around.

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Audiopipe Marine takes pride in being known as the listen and develop brand. At Audiopipe Marine we take pride in making sure your enjoyment of our products is a long and memorable one. Selecting the right audio package is essential in achieving a great sounding environment.